Group A 2018 world cup preview: Salah to help Egypt through the stage.

worldcupI can almost hear the sound of the whistle of the opener between host Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Husbands will go missing from their homes. Ladies like me will forget our home chores for some time,as we will be following the world’s most spectacular event.

I can vividly remember my sister dropping her phone unknowingly and crushing it as we celebrated Ghana’s quarter final qualification in 2010 world cup held in South Africa. The famous Vuvuzelas could be heard across the stadium. I must mention that Shakira’s world cup song was the best ever, my opinion though.

Being team Africa, let me look at Group A consisting of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay. Egypt faces Uruguay in the second match of the tournament. All eyes are on Egypt as it is the hope of every African that the Pharaohs will beat Uruguay in a revenge mission after Suarez denied Ghana a chance for a semi final spot in the 2010 world cup. The Barcelona star handled the ball on the goal-line, preventing a last minute win for the black stars. Asamoah Gyan went ahead and missed the penalty. It might be almost eight years since the infamous intervention in a memorable quarterfinal clash, but it is fresh in my mind so is to other Africans.

It is a crucial match for each side, it is likely to feature arguably three of the best attackers in the world-Egypt’s Salah and Uruguay’s  Suarez and Edinson Cavani. Egypt hopes that Salah will still be hungry for goals as he did in premier league.

Russia and Uruguay seem to be the people’s prediction of the two teams to advance in this group, while Saudi Arabia is the lowest ranked.

No African team has ever gone past the last eight in a world cup tournament; therefore every African team feels tasked to go forward and write a new history.

Yes, Russia has a home advantage but I have to go for Egypt and Uruguay qualifying in this group.

Players to watch

Fahad Mosaed Al-Muwalla- Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Salah- Egypt

Suarez and Cavani – Uruguay

Interesting fact

Egypt goal keeper Essam El-Hadary will become the oldest player to play at a world cup at 45 years, if he makes it to the pitch.

Well we don’t expect a winner from this group but we can expect some little drama from Suarez after his Controversial handball in 2010 world cup in South Africa and biting Giogio Chiellieni’s shoulder in 2014 Brazil world cup.


Is the ‘STAR ‘ shining soon

Many Kenyans are delighted by our football national team Harambee stars, who managed to comfortably beat seychells home and away inthe worldcup qualifying match on 7-0 aggregate.
Stars are now through to the group stages of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers and Football fans or rather Kenya as a whole are optimistic of good results as they proceed to other stages of the highly contested competition.
However, the question is how prepared is harambee stars,considering that we have a very poor record as far as World Cup is concerned.

First of all Harambee Stars have not been very successful in the other international competitions inthe African level,for instance inthe Council of East and Central Africa Football Association(CECAFA) kenya has won 5 times last being in 2002 when they beat the current champions Tanzania 3-2.

It is even more worse inthe African Cup of Nations because since its inauguration in 1957 Kenya has only made 5 appearances, their first participation being in 1972 and till date it has never gone past the group stages.

Kenya would have gone far in the upcoming 2012 AFCON considering that best perfoming teams like Cameroon,Egypt and Nigeria did not qualify paving way for other countries to have a taste of being the African champions.In addition Stars were in good form only that they did not capitaize on the slim chances they had to qualify.

Stars have been performing well considering their last few matches but they need to be consistent so as to achieve what we have not achieved inthe past years,also try to lift Kenya and take us to another level to avoid shame.

In short its time we started to focus on CECAFA,AFCON and the likes inorder to atleast give us more experience and not only that but actually try to win so that it gives us the advantage of going to the world cup more easily.
Just looking deeper into things,if at all we qualify do we really have the chances of beating the teams that have made appearences nearly in each and every World Cup.Its not that i am being pessimistic but i believe that in everything one does it has to start somewhere and in this case Kenya has to realise that we need to have more African titles.

Stars have only two years to make history by reaching to the final 32 teams inthe World Cup tournament, its only a matter of time because it is a rough journey that only the strong reach the destination.It is not too late to make a significant change because football is anyone’s game and Kenya can do it.

We have new officials gorverning the Kenyan Football lets just hope that with their support the Kenyan star is going to shine really soon.