My Arsenal Picks…..

As a football fan there are those players that you like and for me these are my favourite in Arsenal.
Alexi sanchez-
As the current top scorer with 17 goals Alexis has been a vital player in the Arsenal team,very hardworking,Energetic and consistent player.This is a player I can comfortably point out as worth every cent spent on him at the club.As opposed to other players Sanchez evidently loves football as he never wants to miss a match even when the manager decides to rest him.
Alexis is dangerous in front of goal and can shake any experienced defender with his credible skills.Did I mention that i love his goal celebrations,very genuine and on point.
He has won the hearts of many Arsenal fans,terming him as the Savior. Personally I would not imagine him leaving the club,then again i will always wish him the best wherever he goes.

Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain-
Oxlade-Chamberlain is creative ,self driven and aggressive.He might not have the advantage in starting games but he shows determination. Now that Ramsey is out with a calf injury he has to make his presence felt.
I like how he goes deep,he is strong enough to resist a tackle and make his way to the goal area but unfortunately his shots are not accurate but i believe if he get regular starts he will certainly aim for the net.

Mesut Ozil-
Assistant in chief is how we refer to him,he is best known for his crucial assists. His sleek moves and wise decisions makes him tick,he makes football more fun and entertaining to watch.
It is amazing to watch how he protects himself from hard tackles,he only gets flu and not broken skull like anyone else.Like any other player he has his off days when he is not in the game and he makes little impact in a game.
Lest I forget he can see very far.

Laurent Koscielny and Mustafi
Kostafi is how we refer to this great partnership between these two defenders,they wholeheartedly give their best when it comes to defending.They only become exposed if the midfield is not sufficient enough.The passion portrayed by this two is magnificent,one have not seen in a long time.
In defense we trust!

Olivier Giroud
I know you are wondering why i picked him in this list,I had to. There is something about this “Beast” i cant resist, as much as there has been much criticism about his inconsistent performance he has scored in almost every game this season.
He is in great shape,I mean he got the stamina.He can handle the defenders with much ease,his powerful headers that sends fans into ecstasy especially when you are trailing United.
The only issue i have with our Olivier is that he performs better when he comes in as a sub as opposed to when he starts.
Away from football He has good fashion sense!

Alex Iwobi-
This is a fresh blood,coming from a footballing family makes it even better.He got skills,pace and an eye for the ball.He is dangerous upfront and all i can say is that he is a star in the making.

I wish you an Arsenal feel Season.


Let the game be!


Football is meant to be a sport that is exciting and beautiful to watch.

The Gormahia vs Afc Leopards game was abandoned in the 64th minute on security grounds after AFC Leopards fans disrupted the match after Gor Mahia had been awarded a penalty when Leopards captain Jackson Saleh handled the ball in the box.

It is not forgivable for someone in his right mind and an alleged football fan to start throwing stones at their opponents just because his rival team has been awarded a genuine penalty. As a football fan it is hard to watch your team loose but this doesn’t mean you have to forget the rules of the game.

Awarding of penalties is something that is sometimes inevitable especially in highly contested matches.

It was really sickening to see injured fans lying at the Nyayo national stadium due to fracas that erupted during the famous mashemeji derby and It’s time the culprits are brought to book to set an example to others once for all so as to curb hooliganism.

Football is a business and if the mashemeji derby is played in far places or even their games burned it will greatly affect business at the two clubs.

The derby brings in a lot of revenue to the clubs due to ticket sales so if majority of fans are not able to attend or even have the games played with no fans it will surely affect the clubs badly. Moreover, even the club sponsors would not like to be associated with a team that is known for its bad image, it also hurts their businesses.

I hope the government is watching and will do something to prevent even worse things happening. Lives have been lost over the years, it’s not worth it.

The fans too have to come together to rally for peace during these games.We should borrow a leaf from our fellow football nations so as to get tips on how well to handle football rivalry, we have to up our game otherwise we will have nothing to smile about.

The EPL Craze.


Its that time of the year again when my favorite league resumes,the weekends will never be the same again.

During this time my Mondays are referred to as Football Mondays, because all we do in the office is chat about how our teams performed. However i can only talk confidently if Arsenal won.

I have friends who will only call me if Arsenal has lost to a small team {commonly referred by Epl fans} that you are not supposed to loose to and they will make me feel really bad.

My parents can never be left behind congratulating me if my team wins and will always be the first ones to console me whenever my team is beaten,especially during terrible losses like the 2011 one that Manchester united massacred us 8-2.

I also follow our local league and i cannot hide my excitement on how Gormahia is lifting our flag high in the CECAFA tournament,sometimes i wish they can represent us in the national team squad.

Ladies and gentlemen i wish all your teams the best of luck.

Let the games begin!!!!!!.

The Title Race

The English premier league title race is getting tight as each team tries to bag the three crucial points in order to stay strong in the title chase.

As the league enters its second leg,much is expected as the top teams are only separated with few points which leaves the title open for the strong to take.Arsenal have been consistent on the top spot  two times  being overtaken by Manchester City and liverpool.

The top teams have had their shares of misfortune in the past matches with Arsenal suffering a devastating 6-3 defeat to their title challengers Manchester City.

Despite the heavy loss,the gunners have shown maturity in their defending in contrast to their past seasons that they used to play an open game all the time.

Wenger is equally happy with his side and he hopes for a silverware this season especially with his record breaking  Signing of German player maker Mesut Ozil who has helped them a great deal.

Manchester City on the hand have had away match disappointments but very impressive  form at Etihad that has seen them bank in many goals than any other team so far. They however face a tough challenge as they take on their fellow title contenders in their away matches.

The Citizens are described as the serious title contenders as their Talisman Kun Aguero continue to cause fear to any team’s custodian.Not forgetting their dangerous packed midfield of Yaya toure,Silva and Fernadinho.

Liverpool is another  team that has really impressed with premier league man of the moment Luiz Suarez scoring goal after goal.Though controversially loosing to Chelsea and Manchester City in a row, they still show determination towards winning the race.

Chelsea are just there though they seem dangerous too,they have managed to stay on top and their recent win over Liverpool has given them confidence.

The title defenders have  not have a good season altogether but they are slowly catching up with others,at one time Manchester united were 13 points adrift of Arsenal but the gap has since reduced.Many people blamed Moyes for united’s predicaments saying he is the major contributor to their losses,comparing him with Sir Alex.

Tottenham remain shaky even after buying good players still no notable results.They now struggle to remain relevant at the top ten.

I predict a  lot of surprises in the upcoming second leg fixtures,but all in all, as it is said football is anyone’s game.Time will tell.

Leopards Claw’s not too Sharp

Gor Mahia came from two goals down to level the scores in an entertaining 2-2 draw match against arch rivals AFC leopards, played at the Kasarani Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The highly contested and hyped match was breathtaking as AFC leopards took charge of the first half scoring two goals with no answer from their counter parts.Noah Wafula opened the score by tapping in an Allan Wanga perfect cross. Wanga took advantage of the weak left flank making beautiful crosses that created good scoring opportunities.

Both teams were well organized in the midfield making brilliant moves that kept the fans cheering at every sleek move displayed by their side.

From time to time Afc’s goalkeeper Patrick Matasi made notable blunders but Masika was there to save the day. Rama Salim’s absence was visible as Dani Sserunkuma and Paul Kiongera’s pair upfront was not that paying but all in all they succeeded in  tormenting the leopard defense turning Jonas Nahimana inside out.

Minutes to the end of the first half Paul Were hit in a wonderful left foot thunder  leaving Jerrim Onyango for the dead while the blue painted side of the stadium were seen dancing and shouting at the top of their voices.

The leopards thought their claws penetrated too deep in their opponents skin but that was not be as the second half was more electrifying with Gor Mahia determined to contain the leopards.

The green Army knew too well that any loss  will reduce their chances to win the long awaited Premier league title.

Dani Sserunkuma finally did what he is paid to do,that is to score sending the K’galo fans into an ecstasy at least keeping their bragging rights in check.

David Owino’s 85th minute goal further frustrated the leopards as their boss tried to make a quick Mike baraza substitution that did not materialize as it was too late.

Gor’s determination and tactical approach of the second half totally outclassed AFC and if they continue with this form they have shown, the league is theirs to loose.

The derby was peaceful as fans hugged and shook hands at the end of the match showing maturity and sanity in the game.

Football lessons

Kick,kick until it stops at the back of the net, every time i watch football i really get inspired how 22 men chase the ball all round the field with one aim and that is to score.

Come to think of it, in real life situations we always have dreams and goals to achieve just like in football we do everything to get the right shot that will hit the target. Continue reading

Any Hope for Arsenal?

ImageArsenal’s recent poor performance has sparked criticism from the entire football fraternity with Arsene Wenger being on the spot light as the man to blame.

Fans around the world keep on lamenting that Wenger should go but the question still remains is he really to blame? For me the answer is no, because Wenger has managed to put Arsenal in the level they are right now.

Bringing in a new coach will take more time to rebuild the team because it will mean changing the whole system.

Has it occurred to anyone that the problem might be players’ attitude and lack of concentration? Lately they have been playing poorly, their usual entertaining sleek passes and moves are hardly seen and this means there is something wrong with the players.

Last season Arsenal lost in the finals of the Carling cup against an average side Birmingham, it was so painful because the players and also the fans believed their drought for silverware would finally be over but it was not to be.

In my outlook this is when Arsenal lost track, with their key players Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy leaving in search for greener pastures. The greatest dream of every football player is to win titles before they reach the prime years of their careers and this is what they went for.

Since then Arsenal has not got direct replacement of these three crucial players making it even hard for the team to perform well. Yes, Arteta, Mertesacker and the rest of the new signings are good but they have not made a very notable change.

The beginning of this season’s English premier league saw Arsenal as every team’s meat loosing match after match, with players such as Song and Gervinho starting off on a bad note receiving red cards in the opening match of the season.

The 8-2 torture in Oldtrafford was a clear indication that Arsenal was going down despite the long list of injuries at the time.

Recently they had their worst night in Europe, after they were outclassed by AC Milan 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions league. A score line that even magic cannot possibly overturn in the return leg considering Arsenal’s pitiable performance.

It is very sad to hear supporters saying that this is probably the worst Arsenal team they have ever seen in all their time of watching football.

I believe this is the time each Arsenal player looks directly into the mirror and asks himself, have I given my all to my team? If no, it’s time to do it and just maybe this can make a big difference.