The EPL Craze.


Its that time of the year again when my favorite league resumes,the weekends will never be the same again.

During this time my Mondays are referred to as Football Mondays, because all we do in the office is chat about how our teams performed. However i can only talk confidently if Arsenal won.

I have friends who will only call me if Arsenal has lost to a small team {commonly referred by Epl fans} that you are not supposed to loose to and they will make me feel really bad.

My parents can never be left behind congratulating me if my team wins and will always be the first ones to console me whenever my team is beaten,especially during terrible losses like the 2011 one that Manchester united massacred us 8-2.

I also follow our local league and i cannot hide my excitement on how Gormahia is lifting our flag high in the CECAFA tournament,sometimes i wish they can represent us in the national team squad.

Ladies and gentlemen i wish all your teams the best of luck.

Let the games begin!!!!!!.


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