Football lessons

Kick,kick until it stops at the back of the net, every time i watch football i really get inspired how 22 men chase the ball all round the field with one aim and that is to score.

Come to think of it, in real life situations we always have dreams and goals to achieve just like in football we do everything to get the right shot that will hit the target.

First of all in Football the game starts at the midfield and this what determines the performance of the rest of the team,basically this is where the creativity lies to pass the ball forward and score goals.However,as the ball is passed through the mid to the goal area, there are defenders who will not allow you to find the net.

In this case,the midfield represents ideas and ambitions that we have, to reach that goal that we always dream of. This is where the struggles begin oppositions and hard times  in order to reach that ultimate goal.

We have midfielders who create opportunities so as to score,same applies to life where by the midfielders  represent people around us. Our friends ,colleagues and even family who encourage and give us different ideas to succeed.

Then there are defenders who protect their goal area and wouldn’t let any player go past them.These are now the challenges or rather people who are always keen on preventing us from achieving our objectives.

But all is not lost because there is that voice that still echoes inside, urging us to push on and that voice is the striker who  helps to make that final touch to hit  the net.

In  short the 90 plus minutes represent our lives success and struggles in a nut shell and yes we should try to make our lives as beautiful as this game.


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