The wizard

Every Arsenal attack is what makes Wenger’s heart tick.The free flowing football constitution like the pumping of blood through rhythmic contractions.

Arsene Charles Enerst Wenger is his full name,a french football manager who manages one of the most biggest football club in English Premier league,Arsenal.

Wenger is the most successful manager in the history of Arsenal in terms of trophies,besides being successful he is the longest serving manager in the Arsenal club.

He is not only a coach but also a Professor in economics and this explains the big money signings he has made for Arsenal hence his net spending record is far superior to other leading premier league clubs.
He is described as a coach that has spent his career in building teams that combine accumulation of silverware with a desire to entertain and attack.This is why Arsenal is branded as the Kings of ‘Sexy’ Football.

Over the years he has grown many talents in his club giving opportunity to the young upcoming and talented players to realize their capabilities.This makes him different from other coaches who rely mostly on experienced players.

In addition he coordinates well with his players and gives time to those who are in poor form to improve.
However he has been criticized by the football fraternity for going six consecutive seasons trophiless but this doesn’t make him loose hope instead there is an improvement every season.

Wenger is a great coach and he has gone to great heights due to his passion in his managerial career.

Over the years we have witnessed Kenyan football coaches being fired because of under performance and our team has not gotten better.

Its time we give our coaches time to get close with players and know each other well just like Wenger does with his boys.


3 thoughts on “The wizard

  1. I agree with your sentiments…but you sound like a very biased arsenal fan…Wenger must be having some off days when the team doesnt perform too..on what do you think of of the 3-2 victory after coming from behind and Thierry’s return to boost morale at emirates stadium???

    • in this article i was only focusing on wenger en if u read it well thea is a place have mentioned about the critisism he has recieved.. that he has his down falls.abou arsenal coming up from behind that will be about the team and thats wat im planning to write next. its journey through the INVINCIBLE team of akina patrick vieira.


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