Is the ‘STAR ‘ shining soon

Many Kenyans are delighted by our football national team Harambee stars, who managed to comfortably beat seychells home and away inthe worldcup qualifying match on 7-0 aggregate.
Stars are now through to the group stages of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers and Football fans or rather Kenya as a whole are optimistic of good results as they proceed to other stages of the highly contested competition.
However, the question is how prepared is harambee stars,considering that we have a very poor record as far as World Cup is concerned.

First of all Harambee Stars have not been very successful in the other international competitions inthe African level,for instance inthe Council of East and Central Africa Football Association(CECAFA) kenya has won 5 times last being in 2002 when they beat the current champions Tanzania 3-2.

It is even more worse inthe African Cup of Nations because since its inauguration in 1957 Kenya has only made 5 appearances, their first participation being in 1972 and till date it has never gone past the group stages.

Kenya would have gone far in the upcoming 2012 AFCON considering that best perfoming teams like Cameroon,Egypt and Nigeria did not qualify paving way for other countries to have a taste of being the African champions.In addition Stars were in good form only that they did not capitaize on the slim chances they had to qualify.

Stars have been performing well considering their last few matches but they need to be consistent so as to achieve what we have not achieved inthe past years,also try to lift Kenya and take us to another level to avoid shame.

In short its time we started to focus on CECAFA,AFCON and the likes inorder to atleast give us more experience and not only that but actually try to win so that it gives us the advantage of going to the world cup more easily.
Just looking deeper into things,if at all we qualify do we really have the chances of beating the teams that have made appearences nearly in each and every World Cup.Its not that i am being pessimistic but i believe that in everything one does it has to start somewhere and in this case Kenya has to realise that we need to have more African titles.

Stars have only two years to make history by reaching to the final 32 teams inthe World Cup tournament, its only a matter of time because it is a rough journey that only the strong reach the destination.It is not too late to make a significant change because football is anyone’s game and Kenya can do it.

We have new officials gorverning the Kenyan Football lets just hope that with their support the Kenyan star is going to shine really soon.


Catholic university outplays Multimedia university

Catholic University beat Multimedia’s men basketball team 52-39 baskets in an entertaining clash inthe University championship Basketball league held at the Kenyatta University on sunday.
Geofrey Oteki made 15points together with Alfas Mwema who managed 8 points making sure that his team was upfront.Also the team as a whole made brilliant passes that helped them make good baskets.
In the third and last quarter they managed to outplay multimedia by scoring very easy baskets who seemed to have cracked due to the pressure mounted on them.
However Multimedia team put much effort inthe first half with brilliant moves by Frank wanjohi who made fabulous crossovers and several assists that  kept their fans cheering and acknowledging their wonderful dislays.
Henry Diego with his teammate Ray struggled to contain Catholic’s University Pressure by making 18  and 15 baskets respectively,but they were too smart to let them make baskets by maintaining their good defensive tactics.
Multimedia team captain Roosevelt Mwinzi, however said that they have come along way and everytime they play they make a step forward urging his teammates to be always focused and show up for trainning inorder to be fit.
In other matches played on saturday Stratmore University beat Mmu 49-36 baskets while K.U beat Mmu 62-49.




We have a long way to go to ever qualify for any international championship in football.Reason being that we still dont have what it takes to really compete with other established countries as far as football matters are concerned.
Dont get me wrong when i say this, but eventually truth must be told so as something is done inorder to save this beautiful game. Most people say bad leadership and management is what is ailing our football but for me its not only that but the main thing is that, we have failed to come up with good football structures that will help us grow and nurture talents that will help us in future.
I understand there are several football academies here in Kenya but the problem is that majority of this academies are only after the profit and therefore end up wasting the talents available.
In countries such as Cameroon we have players who play in big clubs inthe premier league together with Ghana,Ivory Coast and Nigeria.Its not that Kenya doesnt have talented players but its because we have not simlpy met the standards of the Fifa to allow us, take our players there and its very sad because we would have several of them there.
It is also time we check on players selection during international matches because this might also be another problem,the coach should not only focus on picking players from big clubs but also try out players from less perfoming clubs who are excellent because am certainly sure that there are who yearn for that opportunity to take up the duty.
Hearing fans say that it was good that we mantained our pride against Uganda by deying them a chance to qualify for the AFCON was absurd because our only pride would have been to qualify from the very beginning.
It is time for the government to work closely with KFF to set up structures that will go to the deepest of all counties and dig out for potential talents that lie out there.
The football elections is nearing,much has been said and very little has been done its time we elect a leader who really has a vision for this treasured game and revive it.A leader who is ready to sacrifice for our football and not sacrifice it for his personal benefits.

Universty Championship Basketball League

Multimedia university women basketball team beat Daystar university 31-26 baskets in the University Championship Basketball League on Sunday held at the Strathmore University.
In the first and second quarters MMU were upfront with 18 baskets while Daystar followed closely with 15 baskets.
In the third and fourth quarters Day star seemed to put on a fight making good shots especially in the third quarter which ended with 25 baskets two ahead of MMU, but MMU continued to hold on strong with Belinda ,Phenny and Rachael making fantastic rebounds denying them second shots after the first attempts to make baskets.
Brenda, Eve and Ngina made it hard for the Daystar’s star to shine as they kept on locked in the defensive end.
MMU’S coach Griffins Ligale was impressed by his team performance and encouraged them to continue pressing on in spite of their poor form.
However he insisted on the importance of teamwork and training which will help them even more, that they can win in each and every game they play despite the opponents records.
In other matches Nairobi University beat Catholic university while Strathmore won against Nairobi University.